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PostSubject: THE MODULE OF INTEGRATION.   Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:03 pm

The different discussions during meetings reveal that many of the colleagues get perplexed when they are dealing with one of the most important skills in our job. It is the written expression: the module of integration.
If we manage to answer these questions in a simple way, then we will be able to get
through this important task smoothly. We will also be able to help our pupils acquire the
competency to cope with this 'significant and valuable activity'.

What is the module of integration?

The situation of integration or the module of integration is an important, noticeable set of
circumstances constituting or presenting a problem. It is the ideal phase where the pupils
are expected to reinvest what they have learned before in terms of the knows and the
know how to do. The activities done in the previous phases ( grammar – lexis
mechanics…) should be built up towards the final output and help the learners to be
ready to produce a piece of writing in accordance with the situation of communication.

What criteria characterize it?

There are some criteria that the teachers need to know and respect.

- Formulation rather than a question:
We used to ''bombard'' pupils with direct questions asking them to produce the piece of writing. With the situation of integration, we formulate what they are expected to do and we have to give them the opportunity to read it and understand it. It should be at the level and within a situation. It should be realistic, motivating and in accordance with the pedagogical objectives.

Read this:

1- Describe the computer. Do you think it is reasonable? Our pupils are are 11/15. (Not considered as a situation of integration).

The following is a situation of integration. (more examples of situation of integration)

2- Your teacher of English has just asked you to write about a modern achievement. Your group have chosen the computer.

Use the following notes to write a paragraph of about 6 / 8 lines.

- modern / machine /important
- used / offices / nowadays.
- Many parts:
Central unit - monitor - mouse - printer – speakers – scanner..
- used / type letters – play – music – connect to …

Examples of situations:

What can we do to help pupils

We have to train them but before this, I am convinced that we need to talk about the situation of integration. Let them grasp the difference between the situation of integration in the English Language and in the other subjects.
Write the instructions on WB and allow them to read. Give them the opportunity to expand the notes first. Then, help them to organise the paragraph. Do the feedback. Use the correction code…

How do we evaluate it?

Criteria for evaluation.

We need to follow scrupulously these criteria for a fair and objective evaluation.
The written production is the appropriate 'training area' where the teacher can assess how competent the pupil has become in :

• Using a relevant piece of writing with the related vocabulary and the right tense.
• Using punctuation and capitals.
• Using cohesion.
• Using the logical order of idea.
• Using the appropriate organisation of the paragraph.

More can be found in the evaluation criteria document.

I do confess that it is not very easy to prepare and follow the progress of pupils in such complicated and complex tasks, but we have to do it and we need to take the risk. We can start it with the MS pupils and in File ONE.


Your Dad asked you to introduce yourself in English. Show him that you can.
Use the information to write 3 correct sentences.

nationality name age

The pupils' piece of writing should be something like:

My name is Habba Abdennasser. / I am Habba Abdennasser. I am 12. / I am 12 years old. I am Algerian. / I am from Algeria.

Best wishes.


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