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 Overcoming the Preposition- Problems...

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Overcoming the Preposition- Problems... Empty
PostSubject: Overcoming the Preposition- Problems...   Overcoming the Preposition- Problems... EmptyTue May 12, 2009 12:57 am


Because English is not our mother tongue, and because French prevailed for a long time, prepositions are still hindering language accuracy. For this respect, I've always been trying to overcome this problem through 'research' and enquiry.

Read these explanations:


a comfortable chair

*He sat in the chair and watched television.

a straight chair, a sofa, a couch

*He sat on the chair and ate his dinner.

* We sat on the sofa and watched television.


*The train to New York leaves at six o'clock.


*We are leaving for Spain in two weeks.

be + adjective + to + noun

*She is allergic to that medicine.

*We are indebted to you for helping us.

*We danced to the rhythm of the music.

*I wake up to the noise of the city.

verb + noun + to + noun

*He tore the paper to pieces.

*She drives him to distraction.

Common expressions:

beat/grind to a pulp

bore to death

carry to extremes

chill to the bone

cook to perfection

drive to distraction/insanity

grind to dust

move to tears

push/carry/take to the limits

sing/rock to sleep

smash to bits

Soak to the skin

starve/freeze to death

tear to pieces/shreds


Verbs often used before for:

apply, ask, audition, beg, call, campaign, compete, cry, fight, go out, go, hope, long, look, petition, plead, pray, register, run, scream, send, shop, shout, stand in line, strive, study, train, try out, wait, whistle, wish, work, yell

*After he ran for president and lost, he said he would never run for office again.

*For can indicate representation.

*Red is for stop; yellow is for caution; green is for go.

*M is for Mary.

*For can mean despite.

for + all + possessive pronoun + noun

*For all her experience, she's not a very good secretary.

for + person + infinitive

*Your final grade is for the teacher to decide.

*That problem is for you to solve.

have + noun + for + noun

*He has an ear for music.

*She has a touch for the piano.

For more details, go through this link:

Wish youll find it useful !

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Overcoming the Preposition- Problems...
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