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 Wh/Questions in the BEM.

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Location : Ouled-Djellal
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PostSubject: Wh/Questions in the BEM.   Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:54 pm

Our pupils will have a decisive test by the end of the school year: the BEM. The question paper they will be exposed to should include typical instructions contained in the official guide "How to prepare an exam paper". That is they need to be trained to such instructions. This is what the teachers should do. But the point that keeps on haunting me is at the level of Reading Comprehension, especially the activity where the pupils are supposed to answer 2 or more questions.

Many colleagues have surprised me when they remarked that I include the WH/QQ in the tests I prepare for my pupils. I have been informed that this type of questions have been left out in the BEM question paper. I am really perplexed because I believe that this measure is illogical.
I referred back to the official guide and found out that my colleagues were right. I browsed all the previous BEM question papers and discovered that not a single WH/Question is mentioned. I still not understand why.

Have you got an appropriate answer?
Would you be kind and bring any explanation?
Are you for ' this measure'? What are your arguments?
Are you against ' this measure'? What are your arguments?
Have you got the official notification for "leaving out" these questions?
Would you be kind and send it to me?

I personally don't believe it is a good idea to do so. I will keep on testing my pupils using the WH/QQ but with a bit more focus on the YES/NO /QQ. This is my conviction. My pupils need to know: Why? Where? When? Who? Which? What…? How..? And the rest. I will try to do my best to meet their needs.

Brotherly Yours


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Number of posts : 115
Location : BBA
Registration date : 2008-08-14

PostSubject: Re: Wh/Questions in the BEM.   Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:01 pm


Your remarks are logical; most teachers keep on including the WHqqs in the exam papers...I don't think it's a sin, but all we konw is that they are not included in the BEM paper. As to me, I was informed by an inspector about this fact, as I used to include WH QQS in my exam papers, as you may have noticed. But this does not mean that we shouldn't teach this vital point to our pps. And who knows? They may have them in the BEM paper as I always say to my pps; we are used to being surprised!
The inspectors know this but did not give us any written instruction stating that there are no WH QQS in the BEM paper.

Now, why such a decision and on what basis it's made, none knows. It may be a way of facilitating the comprehension qqs so as to give the pps more opportunities to work...but it seems that it's not the case since all the BEM samples are over ambitious concerning the comprehension activities.

The three past BEM samples contained qqs which were and are not at the reach of a MSY4 pp. The pps stated that they had found difficulties in understanding the auxiliary qqs.

Such topic should be discussed with inspectors who may know why such a decision is made....but I think that many many other points should be discussed, too. The English curriculum is really over ambitious...and our pps are not given the opportunity to practise so as to grasp what they are taught. Should we finish the program in due time or rather enable our learners to take in the least more effectively and more efficiently? This is an other topic, I know, but ...

May thanks.

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Wh/Questions in the BEM.
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