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 WH-Qestions through a song

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Number of posts : 115
Location : BBA
Registration date : 2008-08-14

PostSubject: WH-Qestions through a song   Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:51 pm


Each grammatical structure can be introduced or confirmed through a song or a poem. PPS would never forget something that they learn by heart, something that is really easy to learn especially when it's relaxing.

Teaching by stealth is really an efficient way to make the pupils master any target language.

Departing from this principale, I've prepared songs fitting many grammatical stuctures, tenses, .....which the pupils refer to unconsciously when they face a problem situation of a given kind.

I haven't done anything to send the complete song, but I can write the 'words' which I wish to be helpful to some extent.
Mother and John

What have you done in class?
Tell me John, do
Take the copybook and see
My dear mother

Show me your copybook
Oh, please John, do
Here is my copybook
My dear mother

How long is your class?
Oh, please John, do
It’s one meter long
My dear mother

How wide is your class?
Oh, pleased John, do
It’s half a meter wide
My dear mother

How high is your class?
Oh, please John, do
It’s ten centimetres high
My dear mother

How old are you?
Oh, please John, do
I’m two years old
My dear mother

How tall are you?
Oh, please John, do
I’m two meters tall
My dear mother

Can you take the ruler and measure
Oh, now John, do!
Sorry, it’s too heavy for me
My dear mother

Come take the ruler and measure
Come on now John, do!
Bye bye, it’s a holiday
And I want to play!!!

By Samia Belarbi
Best of luck!
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Number of posts : 95
Age : 63
Location : Ouled-Djellal
Registration date : 2008-09-25

PostSubject: Poems and Language.   Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:19 pm

You're quite right about poems in teaching. Teachers can use them to fix, consolidate, recycle, change the mood, check understanding, introduce, rhyme...
In fact, poems are of multiple use provided they are rightly and reasonably prepaed.
It is a very good idea and an intelligent initiative to think about pupils and write for them. Good job. I bow.
Special thanks for the Wh questions poem. More is expected. Sure that your pupils will not forget these question words.
Your poem can be used with 4Th MS pupils to revise and check:
1- The imperative.
2- Polite requests.

Please if you have other poems do send them to me. I will be thankful

Million Thanks.

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Number of posts : 115
Location : BBA
Registration date : 2008-08-14

PostSubject: Re: WH-Qestions through a song   Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:46 am


It's so encouraging to find that some work is appreciated by others. Not only do students need this, but teachers as well.

My making songs is the result of the feeling that there's a deficiency in the official syllabuses in this respect and the strong need of our pupils to learn not through schoolish ways only, but through more motivating media.

Most important is that teaching is not filling the pupils’ minds with what is seen as useful knowledge, but it’s a two fold means making the learner afford something which is undoubtedly the basis of any civilization: Education.

The song thus, should be meaningful and should convey some moral, in addition to the target language.

Here is another song/ poem teaching Wh-QQS with the Simple Present, Action Verbs and Frequency Adv.

If there are any comments, I would be grateful if you let me know them.

Bismillah (In the name of Allah)

‘Bismillah’, I sayeveryday

‘Bismillah’, I pray everyday

‘Bismillah’, I eat everyday

‘Bismillah’, I drink everyday

I never lie to anyone

I never gossip on anyone

I never insult anyone

This is the way I do everyday.

How many gods?

No god but Allah

Who is Muhammad?

Messenger of Allah

What’s the Quran?

The Book of Allah

La Ilaha illa Allah.

Whom do you love?

I love Allah

Whom do you worship?

I worship Allah

Whom do you fear?

I fear Allah

La Ilaha illa Allah

By Samia Belarbi


Best of luck!
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Number of posts : 45
Location : Oued Lili,Tiaret.
Registration date : 2008-11-13

PostSubject: Thank   Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:39 pm

That's really excellent.Especially the second song .We'd be very grateful if u could add more songs.Thanks again.
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PostSubject: Re: WH-Qestions through a song   

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WH-Qestions through a song
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