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 Short Dictations.

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Number of posts : 95
Age : 63
Location : Ouled-Djellal
Registration date : 2008-09-25

PostSubject: Short Dictations.   Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:52 pm

Short Dictations.

Short dictations are helpful for both listening and writing practice. Each of the dictations you prepare should focus on a specific learning point such as
' Introducing oneself ' or ' Describing somebody':

Introductions - Simple sentences with the verb 'to be'
Asking for information – Simple questions about name – age – nationality …
Expressing like – sport – school subject – food – candy…
Daily activities - Sentences with the simple present to express daily habits and routines
Questions - A variety of simple questions in different tenses
Now - Sentences with the present continuous to describe things happening at the moment .

You can choose any language point provided that it serves your objectives.
The dictations include one/two/or three sentences. Each sentence is read twice with time to write down the answer.

Each of the following dictations focuses on a specific learning point. The dictations are for beginning level (MS1) learners according to a certain progression.


-Or just prepare yours according to your needs.

Focus on the pupils' weaknesses: I mean the commonest mistakes they make.

Best of luck.

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Number of posts : 115
Location : BBA
Registration date : 2008-08-14

PostSubject: Re: Short Dictations.   Fri Feb 20, 2009 1:03 pm

Dictation is an everyday activity.
I always make pps pass to the board and write any word that we use in the lesson.
For instance, while a pp writes the date, another one passes to write the ordinal number with the corresponding cardinal number.
A useful procedure to teach and reinforce spelling is writing while speaking.
We talk more than we write, and many words we use are part of the metalanguage that the pp should be used to hearing. So, any word or expression I use in class is written on the side board under an everyday title and in an everyday open window: DON’T FORGET, which the pp is supposed to close at home after writing all useful things he has learnt during the session.
‘Air dictation’ or ‘finger dictation’ is very useful, too.
While introducing new words and writing them on the board, the pps are asked to close their eyes and write in the air with their index finger. Then everyone or most of them will tell where they have made a mistake. They look at the word again till they are sure no mistake is made. The pps will be used to doing so without the teacher asking them to do it.
Any one can notice that the pps can speak but can’t write correctly. Starting from the very beginning is the best solution, provided all the teachers of English in the same school agree on the same methods to cope with this issue. The pps of the one will certainly be the ones of the other. So, all pps of the same school should be taught in more or less the same way.
I really feel frustrated when I realise that after all the efforts made, some or many pps still make mistakes. I’m sure it’s a question of time because some pps need more care… this is another problem…
I wish many teachers would discuss this ‘topic’ and I wish many of them would raise the endless problems of teaching, to learn from each other’s experience.
I confess I feel to be a new teacher day after day.
I’m improving so I’m living!
All the best!
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Number of posts : 95
Age : 63
Location : Ouled-Djellal
Registration date : 2008-09-25

PostSubject: Valuable Comments   Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:00 pm

Thanks for the valuable comments. I realize it is more advisable to coordinate with almost all the teachers for the subjects are interdisciplinary. I'll try to do it in the frame of the meeting staff so as to generalize the 'project'.
It is so good to have a sense of achievement. Self satisfaction is one of the results of a good teaching/ learning.
Keep on learning, this means you'll keep on assisting pupils, and in th right way.

Jasakoum Allahou Khairan


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PostSubject: Re: Short Dictations.   

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Short Dictations.
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