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 Teaching Vocabulary Without Recourse to a Dictionary

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Number of posts : 115
Location : BBA
Registration date : 2008-08-14

PostSubject: Teaching Vocabulary Without Recourse to a Dictionary   Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:19 pm


It's always advisable to try and discover the meaning of vocabulary items through context.
I find it interesting to teach or recycle some vocabulary that all pps should be familiar with through a song/poem where all will feel concerned since it's part of their belonging.

Wish you'll appreciate it.
The Names of Allah

All is glorifying Allah
Saying Subhan Allah
La ilah illa Allah
Muhammad Rasul Allah

Ya Baseer I feel so blind
I can't even see my hand
Ya Samee I feel so deaf
I canít even hear myself

Ya Ghani I feel so poor
No abode, no food, no water
Ya Wahab I need your favour
Ya Raheem, I'll never lose hope!

Ya Shafi, I feel so ill
No one but You can heal
Ya Mughith, I am in trouble
Ya Allah, l need Your help!

Ya AAleem I know nothing
IQRA was Your first Word
Taught to Muhammad, the Beloved
On him Your Peace and Blessing!

Ya Hadi I canít do without
Your guidance, Iím going astray
Ya Nour without Your light
Iíll never find out my way

Ya Qawi, protect me I'm weak
I have to obey You, to be meek

Forgive me oh ya Ghafoor
For sin, mistake and error

Ya Khaliq while just saying ĎKuní /kun/
You create angel and human
You created Hell-fire and Heaven
I bear witness Youíre The One
Kullu shay yusabbih Allah
Qa-i-lan Subhan Allah
la ilah illa Allah
Muhammad Rasul Allah

All is glorifying Allah
Saying Subhan Allah
La ilah illa Allah
Muhammad Rasul Allah

Samia Belarbi
Finished 22-12-08
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Number of posts : 95
Age : 63
Location : Ouled-Djellal
Registration date : 2008-09-25

PostSubject: Review Reinforce Relax   Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:40 am

I agree with you. Songs, poems, short stories, fables, lullabies, limericks and nursery rhymes are the best way to RRR. What is RRR? Simply: Review Reinforce Relax.

Review the meaning, the spellingÖ
Reinforce the meaning, the pronunciation, the useÖ
Relax: use the language in a different situation other than the everyday boring classroom atmosphere.

These materials should be well prepared and should have clear objectives.

1- Preparation: choose the appropriate 'material' and do a good preparation.
2- Objective: the aim should be very clear.
3- Implementation: should be presented in the appropriate way.
4- Frequency: should be presented twice or three time a term.
5- Frame: better in the frame of The English Club or another activity.

The pupils will like it and will be motivated because it is a good stimulus. The teachers will remark the difference and may be surprised by their pupils' competencies.

Dare do it, it needs some effort and lots of sacrifice but it pays.

Best of luck.


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Teaching Vocabulary Without Recourse to a Dictionary
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